Offbeat L.A.: Musicians – The Art of Ed Huerta & Joe Baiza

This article was first published for the Los Angeles Beat February 28, 2019.

Music and art happily intertwine with the opening of a new Long Beach exhibit featuring about 30 paintings and drawings of two local players, drummer Ed Huerta (Rockford, Lazy Cowgirls, Jack Brewer Band, Lord Ransom’s Revenge) and guitarist Joe Baiza (Saccharine Trust, Universal Congress Of, The Mecolodiacs). Taking place on Saturday March 2nd at the Long Beach wine bar/cafe, 4th Street Vine, the art-filled opening night will be rounded off with live performances by the bands Lord Ransom’s Revenge (8pm), Rockford (9pm) and the Mecolodiacs (10pm). The exhibit will be on display until April 20th.

The work of Ed Huerta is emotionally saturated, both in paint colors and in inspiration. Heavily concentrated on jazz, blues and rock and roll musicians, he plays music as he paints, channelling the feelings each note brings. Ed began painting about 12 years ago after the death of his parents, at the suggestion of his wife, Misty, with the aim of fighting his depression and grief. When he tragically lost Misty several years later, his painting has accelerated, and serves not only as a means of expression, but as a lifeline to keep him going. He believes strongly in “the things we can’t see,” and opens himself up to spiritual guidance while paintbrush is in hand.

Joe Baiza, a punk rock and jazz guitarist who emerged from the Southern California music scene as a founding member of Saccharine Trust, is also known for performing on several Minutemen tracks and touring with Mike Watt. His realm of visual art crosses the mediums of sketches, drawings, paintings and photography, but he is probably best known for some of his black and white ink drawings. His most famous may have been that used on the album cover of the 1983 Minutemen album, Buzz or Howl Under the Influence of Heat. Baiza was also the focus of a 2013 San Pedro art exhibit by The Cornelius Project, The Mind of Joe Baiza – Paintings, Drawings, Photographs & Artifacts.


Musicians- The Art of Ed Huerta & Joe Baiza- 4th Street Vine,2142 E 4th St, Long Beach, CA 90814.Opening: March 2, 2019, 6pm. Runs through April 20, 2019. Free.




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